Save money on pump diesel prices with a Ford Fuels Fuelcard.

Our cards enable you to draw fuel at over 1000 sites nationwide at one fixed weekly price with up to 14 days interest free credit.

Other benefits of a Ford Fuels Fuelcard include:

  • Choice between the Keyfuels and UK Fuels site networks
  • Draw at over 1000 sites nationwide
  • Chip & PIN ensures increased Security
  • One consolidated weekly invoice showing all card transactions
  • Draw fuel at Morrison’s* and Tesco** sites
  • Easy payment by direct debit

Worth Noting

* Fuel drawn at Morrisions sites is subject to a 0.55ppl surcharge above the weekly fixed price
** Fuel at Tesco forecourts is only available on the UK Fuels network and will be charged at the forecourt price plus 3.50 pence per litre

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  • Fixed Price

    Pence per litre price is the same wherever fuel is drawn

  • Additional Security

    Chip & PIN system reduces the risk of fraudulent drawings

  • Up to 14 days interest free credit

    Payments taken by direct debit to enable easy administration